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Coco Lovelock
Coco Lovelock

There's short and then there's Coco Lovelock, who is a tiny dream come true. This girl may be pocket-sized, but she's as passionate about getting herself and her partners off if you could wish. Coco Lovelock's motto is "Ho life or no life!" because this itty-bitty blonde can't go without cock. Coco is always down to suck a dick, and before she got into porn so many dudes used to pull up to get off that she laughs that she had her own dick drive-through. At only four feet ten inches tall, Coco's so petite that her oversized sexual appetite surprises everyone she meets, because she needs to get dicked down at least four times a day, not to...Show More

  • Born June 10, 1999
  • Height 4 ft 9 in (147 cm)
  • Weight 108 lbs (49 kg)
  • Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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